1. You have better things to do! Moving is such a stressful time even if you are moving to your new dream job or house. You have to make sure your old house or apartment is clean, find new service providers, go through all your stuff and pack if you are doing your own packing. If you have kids and are changing school districts, that will be a process and adjustment for your kids. Also, let’s face it! Life doesn’t stop when you are making a move. There are all of your regular daily activities that you need to attend to as well. Hiring a moving company will ease your mind and save you time and stress both before and the day of your move.

moving in
Moving in

2. Speed things up! If you have ever moved before than you know, moving seems to take forever. If you’ve invited friends and family to help, they don’t always move as fast as we would like. Some of them don’t leave as quick as we would like either! Ok I know that sounds rude but you know how tired you are after moving and you totally appreciate all of their help. Now you have to feed them or at least treat them to a few beverages and pretty soon you’ve run out of unpacking time. A professional moving company is FAST. They do this every day and they know how to get things done efficiently. They won’t hang around your house for a few hours after they are done either.

3. Save your back! Moving is one of the top ways people injure their back. People are in a hurry and tend to take shortcuts like not lifting properly. Other moving injuries can include pulled muscles, hernia, cuts, scrapes and bruises. Besides the pain these cause, moving injuries can completely disrupt your entire move. Moving company employees are trained on how to lift and take safety precautions that help them avoid painful injuries. Many moving companies offer labor only services so that you can get help with just large items that may be difficult or dangerous to try to move on your own.

4. Dependability! A professional moving company should be on time, move quickly, safeguard your items, and have insurance. You can count on them. Can you say the same about your friends? Hey, we all love our friends and family! That doesn’t mean that they take the same care and caution with our things that a moving company would do. If something does get damaged in the move, a moving company should have insurance and a policy in place to replace or fix that item. (Please remember that if you are doing your own packing, movers can’t be held responsible for items not packed properly.)

5. Believe it or can save money! A professional mover has all the tools and resources to make a move go smooth. They can do it quicker and with less chance of any lost or damaged items. By the time you get all your friends together, feed them or provide drinks, buy or rent moving blankets or other moving essentials, it really can get expensive. Quite often hiring a moving company can save you money or at least provide significant value so that you will definitely happy you spent the money.

6. Save friendships! We all have that one friend that seems to move every other year. He (or she) calls you up and asks you to help. They tell you it will only take a few hours but then you get there and half of the house isn’t even packed and you wonder where did all that new furniture come from since the last time you helped them move. Don’t be that guy or gal. Save your friendships and impose on them for smaller things like watching your kids or pets when you go on a week long beach vacation. I might be exaggerating (but maybe not). Either way, save friendships by hiring a moving company for your next move. Surprise your friends and invite them to a housewarming party and I bet they buy you a cool gift just for not asking them to help you move!

moving company
Hiring a moving company will save you time and stress

7. Did I mention stress? I probably mentioned in the first paragraph that hiring a moving company can save you a ton of stress. It is worth repeating. We all know how stressful a move can be. Let professionals take some of the burden off your plate.

Whether you need a full house packed and moved across the country or you just need a labor only service to help you with the heavy stuff, hire a professional moving company for your next move. You (and your friends) will be glad you did.

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